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Boxers don’t lift heavy weights because heavy weights will slow them down. Some boxers may lift weights to step up a weight division or they may lift heavy weights to gain more power. I personally lift weights to maintain strength, I don’t lift too heavy and I try to focus on 3 sets of 10 repetitions. I will do a weight session once a week in the off season.

Working the 3 major muscles is all the average person needs to look good and stay in shape. Only body builders should work all the smaller muscles in order to look good for competition. The 3 major muscles are the legs, chest and the back. By focusing on the major muscles all the other muscles will also get a work out. For example, when you work the chest the triceps will also get a work out. When you work the back the biceps will also get a workout, and when your work the legs your actually working from the waist down which will work your core as well. It’s like killing 3 birds with 1 stone, it’s effective and will keep you looking great.

Try to super set everything, for example go from bench press to push-ups when your working your chest and then go from lat pull down to chin ups when your working your back. By super setting all your major muscles you’ll be smashed in 45 mins from head to toe, and if your boxing 4 days a week and doing a full body weight session once a week you’ll be looking awesome and feeling great!