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Most boxing fights usually start with a jab, it’s the punch that keeps your opponent at a distance and keeps them guessing while your setting up other shots. Being a taller boxer it’s important to have a great jab, however it’s more important to know how to avoid or counter the jab.

Here’s some great practice drills to try, you must have a boxing partner, mouth guard and head gear. Get your partner to throw jabs directly at your head, practice slipping to the outside of their jab while connecting with your jab to their body at the same time. This should be done in a smooth motion, at the same time they throw the punch you’re slipping and hitting in the one motion. The second one to try is my all time favourite, I call it “the catch counter”. Get your opponent to throw jabs at your head and practice catching the punch just like you’d catch a baseball in a glove. Catch the jabs only centimetres away from the face so you don’t expose yourself to other punches. Once you catch the punch push it slightly down and throw your power hand straight over the top. This is a great move because you’ve created your own opening. It will work best with 2 right handed boxers, when they throw the left jab your right hand will come over the top. If the are left handed it’s better to counter them with your left hook.

Practice these simple drills over and over again, you want to get to a point where you don’t have to think about it anymore and you just react instantly. Timing is crucial and the only way to improve it is through practice.