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This is a routine that was shown to me 15 years ago when I first started boxing, it’s kept my arms and shoulders in great shape ever since and it’s also increased my punching power. My regular clients often do the hand weight routine, it’s something they dread but they love the definition in the arms and the increased punching power. All beginners should start on 1kg hand weights, once you can complete the workout without failure then it’s time to move up 1kg in weight. I once trained with a heavyweight bloke who used 10kg dumbells in each hand, the highest I’ve ever been up to is 5kg. Give it a shot and see what you can do!

Round 1
1min punching above the head
1min punching out front (left and rights, make sure hands come back to the chin every time)
1min punching underneath (uppercuts)
10 push-ups in 30sec ( the quicker you do the push-ups the more rest time you have, eg 15sec for 10 push-ups = 15sec rest.)

Round 2
30sec punching above the head
30sec punching out front
(Repeat 3 times through)
10 push-ups at the end

Round 3
30 sec underneath
30 sec out front
(Repeat 3 times through)
10 push-ups at the end

Round 4
1 min alternating front raises (hold hand weights and raise them 1 at a time to the front of your body at shoulder height)
1 min ski-man ( hold hand weights and raise arms 1 at a time while twisting through your core and stretching your arms and shoulders at the same time, kind of looks like the movement your arms would make when your running but a much more exaggerated motion.)
1 min lateral hold ( hold arms out with hand weights away from your body out to the side for 1min)
10 push-ups at the end.