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boxingformen-image03There’s a difference in being fit and being fighting fit. Fighting fit is i different level completely, it means your fit enough  mentally and strong enough physically to compete in a boxing match. Its all good to train as a fighter and learn the skills of a fighter but to get in there and trade punches with another opponent is a different game all together.

The feeling you get from being fighting fit is sensational, you will have a different confidence about yourself. For starters you’ll look better and you”ll be more confident in your skills and abilities. It feels great to know that you know how to look after yourself in a sticky situation, and it certainly doesn’t mean you’ll go out looking for it. When your training like a boxer and your getting punches thrown at you often you become used to the fight game. It becomes more like a sport rather than an act of aggression. Boxing to me is like a chess game at 100 miles an hour, its not about who is stronger, bigger or tougher its about who is smarter.

Get yourself fighting fit so you know what I’m talking about, I promise you wont regret it and you will look and feel the best you’ve ever felt.