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After years of training experience I have come to the conclusion that exercise is the best medicine. Its the best medicine for whatever your symptoms may be, you will look better, feel better, sleep better and think better.

There is no negatives related to exercise except it may hurt a little, however some people are addicted to that pain. The harder you work the better you will feel, this has been proven by endorphins. Endorphins are secreted within the brain and nervous system they have a number of physiological functions. They are peptides which activate the bodys opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect.

I have trained numerous clients in the past that have suffered with depression, anxiety or have even been low in confidents. By the end of the session there is a definite change in their mood, they are talking a lot more, laughing and generally seem happier. After the weeks and months go by it becomes quit clear that there is a big change for the better. In fact people have told me how much exercise has improved their well being.