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Tired of boring workouts that give you no results?

We’ve all been there.

You go to join your local gym that promises all the facilities you could possibly need to help you achieve the goals you desire. But after weeks of lifting dumbells and sitting on rigid weight machines you still find yourself wondering, when is it going to happen? When are you going to achieve the strong, lean body you thought you could achieve at your 24 hour gym?

Well i’d hate to break it to you but unless you have a plan that adjusts to your varying weekly requirements, and the discipline to stick to that plan, it never will happen. But that’s where I come in. Not only will I take you through a plan to reach your goals to become stronger, leaner and better, but together we will do it in a way that is challenging, gratifying and never ever dull.

Welcome to Best Brisbane Boxing and Fitness – where we guarantee you will become stronger and leaner in less time than you thought possible.

Boxing for women is the best way to gain and maintain a firm body, when your punching your keeping your heart rate high which will assist in weight loss and your arms will keep in great shape. Movement and footwork will keep that lower body well conditioned with firm legs and glutes. The workouts are fun and dynamic, you will get a high intensity workout while learning some skills as well. So what are you waiting for?

My Promise To You

Through the fun and challenging activity of boxing I want to give you the fitness and physique you’ve always desired!

So to do that I know I need to deliver on two things – to give you the best training session every session, and to show you how to box in a way that is safe, accurate and highly effective. By doing these 2 things I know you will continue to train with me and together we can get you the results you’ve always dreamed of.

I still get a kick out of helping people achieve there hard earned results, especially when I see the change it makes not only in there physiques but in there confidence and there positive influence around their friends and family. So it is my hope that as we work together we can continue that trend to help everyone become truly awesome in their lives.

  • We 100% guarantee your results! If you can commit to the training sessions and eating changes we demand, we promise you nothing but the best results you can possibly achieve!
  • My gym is fully equipped with all the boxing gear you need to deliver a knockout workout every time!
  • I can train you one on one or in a group setting to give you exactly what you want, when you want
  • I have flexible training times for both early birds and the night owls, so you have no excuse not to train with us!
  • My method of boxing exercise is so addictive you’ll be super excited to train with me over and over again

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