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Many people may not realise that your feet and legs are the most important tool in boxing. Your legs will take you everywhere, they will get you in and out of trouble and are responsible for becoming a moving target.

Punching power, balance and evasiveness are all determined by effective footwork. Balance is one of the most important things in boxing because with out it you’ll be all over the place. In your boxing stance you must have your feet shoulder with apart, depending on whether your right or left handed. Right handed your left foot should be forward and left handed your right foot should be forward. You want to be standing slightly side on so your body is not fully exposed you must be well balanced so if someone was to push you, you won’t fall over.

Everything to do with footwork is done in small steps, you should never cross your feet over because you’ll be off balance. Push from the back foot to move forward and push from the front foot to move backwards, be a moving target by hitting and moving. You should never throw a punch and stand directly in front of your opponent. Get skipping and running to increase your footwork and leg endurance, this will make you a better boxer and will also be great for a fitness workout.