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After years of boxing experience I’ve come up with a workout that’s guaranteed to give you great results and leave you feeling like a real fighter. I must warn you it’s not for the faint hearted, the workout goes for about an 1hr 20mins and it must be done at full intensity. Give it a shot!

Skipping (3x3mins rounds with 30 sec rest in between)

Round 1- Skip for 2mins and then throw in 2 15 sec sprints in the last minute.

Round 2- Skip for 1 min and then throw in 4 15 sec sprints in the last 2 mins.

Round 3- 15 sec normal skipping and then 15 sec sprint skipping, repeat for the duration of the round.

Shadow boxing (3×3 min rounds, 30 sec of squat jumps after each round and 30 sec rest in between rounds)

Heavy bag (3×3 min rounds, 30 sec rest between rounds)

Floor to ceiling ball (3×3 min rounds, 30sec rest between rounds)

Shadow boxing with 1kg hand weights in each hand (3×3 min rounds with 30 sec rest between rounds)

Push-ups (4 sets of 25 push-ups with 30 sec in between each set)

Abs (50 crunches followed by 50 oblique twists, repeat for 5 continues sets with no rest in between)
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